5 window cleaning tips from the pros

If you want to speed up the task of cleaning the windows and do a more professional job, there are certain tips and tricks you need to know. Here are just 5 of the most useful:

  1. Only clean windows on cloudy days. You’d think that glorious sunshine is the perfect weather for washing windows, but this isn’t the case. It may be when you first notice that your windows are in need of a clean, but full sun can cause the glass to dry too quickly. This leaves streaks and marks, whereas the conditions are perfect on a cloudy (but not rainy) day.
  2. Clean the frames and sills first. If you leave these until last, you’ll only end up pulling dirt and debris from the corners and edges of the frames onto the glass. Use a brush to remove all the dust, then give those frames a clean and dry before tackling the panes.
  3. Use a new squeegee blade for zero streaks. You’ll have to shell out a tiny bit more, but using a fresh squeegee blade every time you wash the windows really will pay off. You’ll see fantastic results, with no streaks or marks.
  4. Use two of everything. If you’re cleaning both outside and inside the windows, experts recommend using two cleaning cloths. This is so you don’t bring outside dirt such as bird droppings and other contaminants inside the house. You should also use two cloths for the finish, one for jobs where there’s an amount of dirt left to clean and one pristine one for those finishing touches.
  5. Be careful when removing tough stains. If you try too hard to remove tough marks such as paint or tree sap from the glass, you could end up inadvertently scratching it. It is recommended to use very fine steel wool on a wet surface only (lubricated with water or window cleaning solution) and be very patient.


If all of this sounds too much like hard work, there’s an easy and affordable alternative – call in the professional window cleaners.

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